Adoption and New Beginnings

Evenings at the Roell’s house are far from uneventful.  With two bright pre-teen girls and two very active toddlers, there is never a dull moment for parents Kendra and Richard.

roell-family-outside A few years ago, the Roell’s decided to open their home and hearts to adoption.

“We lost our son because of a genetic illness and any children we would have had after would have developed that illness,” Richard explains.

“We couldn’t have any children on our own anymore,” Kendra says. “But we still had this desire to love children.”

Bringing Hope

Kendra and Richard took a year to grieve and talk over the idea of adopting their next child.

After reviewing several agencies in the area, the Roell’s decided that Catholic Charities was the right fit for their family.

“The thing I enjoyed was that they cared about the baby, the birth mom, and the entire situation,” Richard explains.

It was not long before a beautiful baby girl named Hope came into their lives.

carolyn-1 The family has an open adoption arrangement with Hope’s birth mother, Carolyn. 

“It wasn’t our initial preference, but it was a step out in faith,” Richard says.

“It’s been nice because honesty has ruled from the time we have been with Carolyn and that will carry forth in our relationship with Hope,” Kendra says.

“Hope will always know and understand they situation. She’s going to know who Carolyn is and she will know who we are. I think open adoption is a great thing,” Richard adds.

The family maintains contact with Carolyn by phone, text message and email.  They even schedule meetings throughout the year to keep Carolyn posted on Hope’s development and progress. 

A Second Blessing

A few months after the Roells settled into a new life with baby Hope, they learned of an infant in need of foster care.

“It was unexpected,” Richard recalls.  “We knew we wanted to adopt a second child, but we wanted to wait another year.  We got a call from Catholic Charities saying we have a child, and we can’t place him.”

The baby’s name was Emery, and his birth mother had a history of mental illness and drugs. Health complications from Emery’s birth made it difficult to find a suitable home for him.  Kendra and Richard were asked if they would be willing to foster the child until placement.

But Kendra and Richard decided to make Emery a permanent part of their family.

“He’s been a joy,” says Richard.  “There have been problems with the drug exposure, but nothing we can’t handle.”

Moving Forward

After adopting the two children, they describe life as nothing short of a blessing.

“Our life seems easier to move forward now,” says Kendra. “There seems to be purpose again. They need me, and I need them.”

“As wild and busy as it is, I couldn’t imagine life without them,” Richard adds with a smile on his face.

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“Our life seems easier to move forward now. There seems to be purpose again. They need me, and I need them.” ~Kendra

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