"On the one hand, it was like we were strangers. But then we also had this very deep connection that I think we both were aware of." - Pam, birth mother

Post Adoption Search and Reunion

Catholic Charities offers a search and reunion program for individuals who have participated in an adoption through Catholic Charities. Each member of the adoption triad — birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents — uniquely experience a myriad of emotions as they pass through their journey of adoption.  An adult adoptee may feel something is missing and find a sense of completeness by learning more about their birth parents.  Birth parents may also have an unresolved feeling of loss or grief, or wonder if their child has been raised in a good family.  Searches often bring a sense of resolution and peace to all involved in the adoption.

To begin a search related to an adoption through Catholic Charities, please contact Peg Gehring at 419-244-6711, ext.230 or mgehring@toledodiocese.org.

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Catholic Charities makes real the love that God has for each individual person regardless of their faith or background by serving the poor, speaking for and assisting the neglected and forgotten, respecting and promoting life from beginning to end and nurturing and supporting individuals and families.